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    Sharing is pretty huge, but can you say what exactly you mean by “a secure way”? Do you need a way to guarantee that only specific people see your graph, and that those people would have to have beeminder accounts themselves (to ensure you’re sharing with only those you intend)? If you just give the URL of your graph to those you want to share your goal with, that may be the best of all worlds, unless you’re super paranoid about the URL falling into the wrong hands. That’s our own philosophy, anyway. Others may have different privacy needs so we’re eager to hear more feedback on this.

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    Nate Parsons commented  · 

    +1 on this service sharing a URL that can't be searched from elsewhere on the site, but is potentially discoverable (just like 'unlisted' youtube videos). The idea is you wouldn't mind if anyone saw whatever's at the URL, but you do want some people to definitely see it and shame you. Options could include:

    * Show/hide y-axis numbers
    * Just what side of the road you're on
    * Automatic email only on failure, no visibility of progress (with advance permission of recipients, of course, like futureme)
    * No failure emails, just a way for people to see your progress if they want to
    * URL garbling, so they can't divine your beeminder username from your shame

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