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    Hugo Ferreira commented  · 

    Just used the Disqus "Edit Profile" right now and it's a good example of what I meant by switching the tabs for a menu (option b. below).

    Found an illustration reference here:

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    Hugo Ferreira commented  · 

    I agree 100% with @mimercha… it happens to me every time I edit a goal. So much, it drove me to go search for the feedback button.

    I disagree though that is a "matter of intuition". Tabs are supposed to show an alternative view of the same context. That's how they're used through out all the OSes settings panels (Windows, Linux): switch tabs to see different levels/groups of settings, confirm or cancel all in the end.

    What I'm saying here, is that the tabs and the submit button behaviours are giving conflicting messages here:

    a) to behave like *real tabs*, you cannot drop the changes when I switch tab or "nag" with confirmation/warning popups… the user needs to be able to freely explore and switch tabs while making the changes.

    b) to have independently "submitable" sections, then you should drop the "tab" metaphor for a left side menu (for instance) or some other sort of metaphor that indicates a complete page change.

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